The Soul Soup

I suffer from depression. A lot of the time I find myself drowning in my own conscious and hate dealing with daily issues but when I feel like giving up on everything life throws me signs that there is more to life I just need to look harder. This photo is a great example I […]


Universe In A Muddle

I enjoyed taking this abstract photo it turned out really well I was on one of my many walks and having a daydream. I couldn’t see anything that stood out until I notice this scene. It reminds me of a dream or an old abstract painting. I bet you thought a puddle is a puddle […]

Summers End

Well our Irish summer is rolling to a fast end this year. We had two weeks of warm weather the rest well is Irish weather rain wind rain and a little more rain. I took this before the summer started I should go back and take an autumn version so you can see the visual […]