A Day Dream

I was on the train home from Derry last year with my friend my first time exploring the city. The Derry train line is the most beautiful train line I have been on the views are amazing along the coast. I was just taking some photos on the train when I noticed I could see […]

Travels Around Ireland

Recently I visited Dunluce when I noticed this formation of rocks called The Skerries. It is a small group of islands in Portrush Northern Ireland. There is many protected habitats on the skerries, I found this fact to be very interesting the Skerries was crucial to the theory that basalt is formed from cooled volcanic […]

Wondering Around Ireland

This photograph is the causeway cliffs Northern Ireland. I walked from bushmills all the way along the cliff side until I reached the causeway it was scenic and inspiring. The photo I took here is one of my favourites because of the strange sharpness and shade it reminds me of the old style of photography. […]