First Touch

The feeling of love a mother and fathers gets is overwhelming and conquers all. It’s the invisible tie that hold us all together not matter what race or thoughts. This hidden key is what makes the world go around if people only thought about it maybe there would be less hate in the World. Advertisements

On The Rocks

My partner enjoying our day at the beach. I know the weather in Ireland is questionable but I think it keeps the beaches pristine. I am not surprised they used our coastline for the game of thrones set, on that note if you ever want to watch a film. Watch Ryan’s Daughter Filmed at Ireland’s […]

Whats Wrong In A Monochrome Moment

I was at the beach a few days ago when I captured this image. I guess you would call it a happy accident. I was just firing off a few photos at the old house in monochrome, when two surfers wandered into my image. I was raging for 2 minutes then it occurred to me […]

A Day Dream

I was on the train home from Derry last year with my friend my first time exploring the city. The Derry train line is the most beautiful train line I have been on the views are amazing along the coast. I was just taking some photos on the train when I noticed I could see […]